If you want to know more about the teams involved with Execution Labs, just click on their respective links. There are pretty pictures and who knows what else in there…

Double Stallion

Eric Angelillo + Vincent Hippoman + Dan Menard + Stéphane Beniak +

Double Stallion is an independent game studio based in Montreal focused on introducing the mobile audience to classic arcade games. Our team aims to create mid-core experiences that casual and hardcore players alike will enjoy.

Our first game, Big Action Mega Fight, is a throwback to the beat-em-up games of the early 90s like Streets of Rage and Final Fight. You play as Brick Strongarm and fight to rid the city of crime and corruption. Our game is created from the ground up for touch screens and handles beautifully. For more information visit our blog at

Kitfox Games

Jongwoo Kim + Chloe Chan + Tanya Short + Xin Ran Liu + Mike Ditchburn +

Kitfox Games is an independent Montreal-based games company that's dedicated to creating only the highest-quality mobile games. We have a soft spot for games that let you discover new worlds.

We're hard at work on a game about exploring an alien planet. If this sounds like something you'd like to playtest or get more information on, email us immediately at: or follow our blog at!

Silver Dice

Jonathan "Rax" Gauvin + Pierre-Olivier "Poc" Clement + Tiego Francois-Brosseau + Eric Lahaie + Charles-Etienne Gouin +

In a way, our first game is a tribute to traditional pen and paper RPGs delivered in a fresh and accessible tablet format. Chose your abilities, equip your heroes and lead them to victory in tactical turn base combat. You are a member of the King's Falcon secret squad, and your investigations will lead you into a journey of epic proportion delivered through multiple linked story driven episodes. Set in a Tech-Fantasy world, our universe is an exciting mix of traditional Heroic Fantasy elements (knights, sword, magic...) and pure Science Fiction setup (plasma crossbow, antigravity vehicles, powered armors...) We hope you'll enjoy immersing yourself in our world as much as we have fun crafting it for you...

Norsfell Games

Julian Maroda + Arnaud Contri + Régis Cajet + Benjamin Jouan +

Norsfell Games is a video game development studio based in Montreal, QC. Our lair of designer, artist and programmers works everyday towards accomplishing one objective: to create fresh disruptive entertainment experiences for the core gamers anywhere in the world.

As avid gamers ourselves, we fundamentally believe that crafting risky experiences we want to play is the only way to move the industry forward. This lofty venture leads us to the continuous exploration of new gameplays and to the development of player-centric designs.

This is why building a relationship with our players is as important to us as connecting them together in a meaningful way. And why forging global cross-platform experiences on cutting edge devices is more than just a mission. It’s an epic quest where high quality content is king.

The team is currently working on Winterforts, a war strategy game for iOS and Android set in a northern magical realm. Build a mighty fort, train fierce troops, and battle against thousands of other players online to lead your House to glory!

*Norsfell Games was formerly known as Pixel Molotov.

Imaginary Games

Christopher Powell + Elin Jonsson + Megan Majewski +

Vancouver’s Imaginary Games was founded by Chris Powell in 2009. Chris brings knowledge of multiple design disciplines to the social mobile space. Inspired by creative projects, Chris looks forward to seeing the team continue to hone and master their talents.

Elin Jonsson and Megan Majewski hand paint game assets with acrylic on wood. Their work is united by a macabre theme and can be found in several West Coast art galleries.

Passionate about the craft of game making, Jongwoo Kim and Cody Redmond complete the team with backgrounds in development, analytics and bachelor degrees that don’t monetize well.

The team moved to Montreal to produce Afterland, a social mobile collectible card game about a mysterious graveyard carnival of misfits. Targeting Generation Y, Afterland catalyzes the communication of friends and fans of the “Tim Burton” genre. You can see art and more on their Faceboook Page.  

Imaginary games has the advisory services and funding support of the National Research Council Canada.

Lightning Rod Games

Mark Laframboise + Steven Bradley Smith +

At Lightning Rod Games, we make games that bring people together. Inspired by our love of board games, we want to bring that same level of face-to-face social interaction and bonding to the digital space.

Our first title, "Henchmen!", combines elements of tower defense and path drawing in a fast-paced, multiplayer strategy game for the iPad. Players compete head-to-head simultaneously on the same device, with the objective of swarming their opponent with henchmen and destroying their enemy’s evil lair. To defend, players lay traps around their lair and use their trusty Mind Control Ray to path enemy henchmen to their inevitable demise. The act of balancing offense and defense creates a fun and (often) chaotic flow to gameplay that is both accessible and deep enough to reward casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Pixel Crucible

Alexandre Moisan + Rémi Lavoie +

We always wanted our own studio, to create our own games and now, we're doing it. We're living the dream. We're a team of 4 veterans who met through the years in the flourishing gaming industry in Montreal and now, thanks to the good folks at Execution Labs, we can finally put pixels in the crucible to create games.

Our first game (an hybrid of adventure/strategy/management) can be summarized in 4 words: Strategically disposing of heroes.

Stay tuned for more details very soon!