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Alumni Teams

Double Stallion Games is an independent game studio based in sunny Montréal, Canada. We specialize in bringing stylized and polished hand-drawn animated games to a wide variety of platforms via digital distribution!

Four people dedicated to creating intriguing worlds that are different every time. Each founder was born in a different country, but all are happy to call Montreal home.

Norsfell is a video game studio based in Montreal, QC. Our team of designers, artists and programmers works every day towards accomplishing one objective: building fresh entertainment for fanatics all over the world.

Driven by innovation, Imaginary Games co-founders Chris Powell and Elin Jonsson share a passion for social awareness. With the unprecedented reach of global distribution, Afterland ( the company’s fourth mobile game production ) aims to challenge the negative racial and gender stereotypes often found in games. Afterland’s success will further demonstrate that niche target groups can become sustainable communities that support the free-to-play mobile model required to operate its service.

At Lightning Rod Games, we believe that the most meaningful experiences are those you share with other people. When we left our jobs at Playdom and EA, we did so to pursue our passion of making games that bring people together.

We are a production studio devoted to delivering you next-level games, comics, animation, music and more.